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08.09.2014 - Billiard and pool accessories

Assortment of our products, machines and its accessories has expanded by billiard and pool accessories.

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Special offers

VLT cabinets SALE

Video lottery terminal cabinet

We offer a fully equipped video lottery terminal cabinets.

  • metal cabinet
  • bank note acceptor with CASH FLOW sorter
  • SR3 coin acceptor
  • two monitors - 15'' and 17'' touch

Now for even better price - 330 €.

For further information, please call 602 544 297.

Exhibitions and other events

21.1. – 6.2.2014 ICE Totally Gaming 2014, EAG International 2014 London, Toy Fair 2014

This year, as every year, we also began the New Year by visiting the London International Exhibitions EAG and ICE Totally Gaming, focused on entertainment and gaming technology.

We visited a new exhibition this year, Toy Fair in Kensington, which in addition to toys, offered equipment for children's play areas, which will soon expand our range of entertainment technology.

From all the exhibitions we received a lot of new contacts, ideas and mainly inspiration so we can constantly offer new and improved equipment to you.

ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 1 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 2 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 3 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 4 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 5 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 6 ICE Totally Gaming 2014 Photo 7

November 2013 Canton, China

During autumn our company representatives visited several very comprehensive exhibitions in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the fifth largest city in China, political, cultural and economic center of the region and it is also famous center of knowladge. This important ancient harbor, which is home to around 16 million inhabitants, it is an important center of commerce.

The city was magnificent and so were the exhibitions, which presented a wide variety of goods from different sectors.

During the nearly month-long stay in China, we have gained a lot of inspiration and ideas for further improvement of our products and expansion of our range of goods with interesting and so far not available machines on the Czech market.

China 2013 Photo 1 China 2013 Photo 2 China 2013 Photo 3 China 2013 Photo 4 China 2013 Photo 5

2. - 3.10.2013 Forbes 2013 Prague

As traditionally, Nero Trade s.r.o. exhibited at FOTBER 2013 exhibition. With this opportunity we have presented a wide assortment of offered products. A wall with touch screen jukeboxes MURAL has dominated our stand, they have impressed a lot of visitors with their hi-tech graphic and design. Except of the traditional offer, we have also presented a wide assortment of amusement machines, like table footballs equipped with intelligent electronic system, new version of stand alone dart machine Magic Dart III or with a quality poker tables. Customers could even see a few different types of video-lottery terminals, which are offered by our company.

Customers had an opportunity to try every video-lottery machine and negotiate about operating conditions in their pub.

The Nero Trade s.r.o. company thanks for the interest and we are looking forward on next business cooperation with both actual and potential customers.

Forbes 2013 Photo 1 Forbes 2013 Photo 2 Forbes 2013 Photo 3 Forbes 2013 Photo 4 Forbes 2013 Photo 5 Forbes 2013 Photo 6

22. - 24.1.2013 EAG International 2013 & 5. - 7.2.2013 Totally Gaming 2013 London
Between the first two months of this year, we have yet again visited London, where two of the most prestige exhibitions took place – EAG International and ICE Totally Gaming.

Booth exhibitions were aimed to present newest amusement and gambling machines and we have found a lot of new inspiration and ideas for the innovation and upgrading of our products. We have made new business contacts and strengthened the bonds with actual business partners and based on this we will do our best to increase assortment of the products we offer.

ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 1 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 2 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 3 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 4 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 5 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 6 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 7 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 8 ICE Totally Gaming 2013 Photo 9

26. - 27.9.2012 Forbes 2012 Prague
We are annually participating on international exhibition of amusement and gambling machines, Forbes in Prague. Our Mural jukeboxes were traditionally point of a huge interest. Design, quality and mainly the Czech in-house manufacture of our machines has lured a lot of new and current customers.

Once again we have managed to defend position of the most successful manufacturers of amusement machines on the Czech market and harden the reputation of the Nero Trade mark.

Thank you for your visit of our stand and we are looking forward on our next meeting.

Forbes 2012 Photo 1 Forbes 2012 Photo 2 Forbes 2012 Photo 3 Forbes 2012 Photo 4 Forbes 2012 Photo 5 Forbes 2012 Photo 6 Forbes 2012 Photo 7 Forbes 2012 Photo 8 Forbes 2012 Photo 9

24.1. – 26.1.2012 Totally Gaming 2012 & EAG International 2012 London
This year, on January we have taken part on two international exhibitions of amusement machines in London – ICE Totally Gaming 2012 exhibitions, which takes place in Earls Court Exhibition Center every year and on EAG International exhibitions which took place in ExCel London. The visit of both exhibitions has brought us an interesting inspiration.

ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 1 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 2 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 3 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 4 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 5 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 6 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 7 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 8 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 9 ICE Totally Gaming 2012 Photo 10

18.-20.10.2011 BEGE 2011 Sofia
This year we have decided to try something new, we have participated as exhibitors on BEGE 2011 exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have severaly visited this exhibition in the past years only as visitors. Both Bulgarian and foreign companies dealing in amusement and gambling industry presented their products here.

BEGE 2011 Photo 1 BEGE 2011 Photo 2 BEGE 2011 Photo 3 BEGE 2011 Photo 4 BEGE 2011 Photo 5 BEGE 2011 Photo 6 BEGE 2011 Photo 7 BEGE 2011 Photo 8 BEGE 2011 Photo 9

13.-15.10.2011 Surexpo Warsaw
We are annually participating on Surexpo exhibition in Warsaw, where we have once again obtained new business contacts and acquired a cooperation with more business partners.

Surexpo 2011 Photo 1 Surexpo 2011 Photo 2 Surexpo 2011 Photo 3 Surexpo 2011 Photo 4 Surexpo 2011 Photo 5

05.-06.10.2011 Forbes 2011
Visitors of this exhibition could see more than just jukeboxes at our stand, yet also new amusement machines for kids, teenagers and adults.

One of the new interesting machines is especially Aliens extermination - amusement machine for two players, it`s genre is set into so called shooting games. A lot of people were curious about the electronic Pinball Tronic, which is a modern game based on famous pinball. Another new machines which increased our range of goods are for an example Brick Stacker or Naughty Lionett (Redemption games).

The employees were satisfied with the huge amount of visitors and hereby we would like to say thank you to all our customers for their visit.

Forbes 2011 Photo 1 Forbes 2011 Photo 2 Forbes 2011 Photo 3 Forbes 2011 Photo 4 Forbes 2011 Photo 5 Forbes 2011 Photo 6 Forbes 2011 Photo 7

14.-15.4.2011 Svět zábavy 2011
This year we have mainly presented an innovated version of our most prestigious product on the Svět zábavy expo (World of amusement), touch jukebox Mural. This jukebox with an elegant design has already caught attention of many visitors on exhibitions in Athens and London where our company exhibited as well this year and now it was adored again, here in Prague. The visitors had a chance to see extended offer of amusement machines and video-lottery terminals from a several suppliers on the stand of Nero Trade. They could also negotiate about the operating conditions with us.

Our company would like to say thank you to all current and new customers and business partners, who spent their time with us at our stand and we are looking forward on our next mutual cooperation.

Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 1 Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 2 Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 3 Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 4 Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 5 Svět zábavy 2011 Photo 6

11.-13.3.2011 GAMENET EXPO 2011 Athens
This year, we have traveled to Greece, for the first time in order to exhibit and offer our products. We can rate even this exhibition positively, because we could see that people from South love amusement, so their interest in amusement machines is high. We are already working on cooperation with some companies from this country.

GAMENET EXPO 2011 Photo 1 GAMENET EXPO 2011 Photo 2 GAMENET EXPO 2011 Photo 3 GAMENET EXPO 2011 Photo 4

25.-27.1.2011 ICE 2011 London
Three years have passed and we have yet again decided to exhibit on international exhibition of amusement machines ICE 2011 on Earls Court in London. This exhibition is one of the most prestigious in the world and it`s attendance proves that. We have presented innovated version of jukebox Mural to our customers and we have acquired a lot of contacts on new business partners.

IGE 2011 Photo 1 IGE 2011 Photo 2 IGE 2011 Photo 3 IGE 2011 Photo 4 IGE 2011 Photo 5

14.-16.10.2010 Surexpo 2010 Warsaw
Our stand with amusement machines traveled to Poland, right after the Slovakian exhibition. Our company has presented itself on Surexpo 2010 exhibition, mainly with an intention to distribute our main products, jukeboxes on the Polish market.

Surexpo 2010 Photo 1 Surexpo 2010 Photo 2 Surexpo 2010 Photo 3

07.-08.10.2010 Slovak show 2010 Bratislava
Once again we`ve decided to exhibit our products on the Slovakian expo of amusement machines Slovak show 2010. Although there was slightly less visitors this year, the interest about amusement machines is still the same, the most interesting products are dart machines.

Thank you all, who decided to visit our stand on Slovak show.

Slovak Show 2010 Photo 1 Slovak Show 2010 Photo 2 Slovak Show 2010 Photo 3

06.-08.10.2010 Euro Attraction Show Rome
We have presented our jukeboxes in Italian exhibition EAS in Rome for the first time.

Euro Attraction Show 2010 Photo 1 Euro Attraction Show 2010 Photo 2

22.-23.9.2010 Forbes 2010 Prague
We have presented a few news from our production on the Forbes 2010 exhibition, where we have exhibited like in the past years. One of the newly presented products was jukebox Blackie in a touch version. Another presented Nero machine which was interesting for a many people, was electronic poker table. Our company is already operating this machine in our pubs in an amusement version and it`s very popular among young people.

All our employees would like to say thank you to all customers and business partners who visited our stand and they are looking forward on a next meeting.

Forbes 2010 Photo 1 Forbes 2010 Photo 2

15.-16.4.2010 Svět zábavy Prague
This year we have presented a few new products on the Svět zábavy exhibition. As one of the leading jukebox manufacturers in Czech Republic, we have relased to the market another new models. We use experience from many years of operating our products, to further development and customization of them for our customers. Even a specific. Even a specific selection of material, color and design is a platitude for us. New jukeboxes have met a big interest of our customers, mainly their touch screen versions. The next machine which was a point of interest for many visitors as well, was our new electronic poker table, which sale and operating will begin in the next few weeks. Since the beginning of this year, we are operating video-lottery terminals too and now, we have presented not just a few different types of video-lottery terminals from different companies, but also video-lottery terminal of our own manufacture. Even this machines have brought many interested persons to our stand. Our employees provided them all necessary information and offered them creditable operating conditions.

Hereby we would like to thank all our customers and business partners, who has found enough time to visit us during the exhibition, and we are looking forward on our next meeting.

Svět zábavy 2010 Photo 1 Svět zábavy 2010 Photo 2 Svět zábavy 2010 Photo 3 Svět zábavy 2010 Photo 4 Svět zábavy 2010 Photo 5

26.-28.1.2010 ATEI London

As in the previous years, this year we have visitid ATEI exhibition in London again, which took place 26. - 28.1.2010. We have seen a lot of new products, which are slowly filling booth european and international market. We have brought home a lot of inspiration and contacts, which we would like to use in the near future.

ATEI 2010 Photo 1 ATEI 2010 Photo 2 ATEI 2010 Photo 3

23.–24.9.2009 Forbes Prague

We have presented some new products on this year`s Forbes exhibition. One of the main new products were display modules in a few different designs. It`s main purpose is to serve as an accessory for the jukebox Mural used to display video, yet it can be also used as an additional PC monitor, for an example to display advertisement.

Our company also presented poker tables, including accessories. Slot machines of a new generation - VIKING, has been point of n interest to many people.

This year, we have also extended our operation of video-lottery terminals, we have presented video-lottery terminals from E-gaming and Kajot companies on Forbes.

Employees of the Nero Trade company would like to say thank you to all visitors of our stand, for their interest and for all the mutually spent times. We are looking forward to meet you again and on our mutual cooperation.

Forbes 2009 Photo 1 Forbes 2009 Photo 2 Forbes 2009 Photo 3 Forbes 2009 Photo 4 Forbes 2009 Photo 5

16. – 17.4. 2009 Svět zábavy Prague

Between 16. and 17. 4. 2009 we`ve traditionally participated on the spring expo - Svět zábavy. We have presented our complete assortment of amusement machines, which has been slightly extended in compare to previous exhibitions. The main idea of our company was to present us as the next new operator of video-lottery terminals, known as VLT. Out thanks belongs to all current and potential customers, for visiting our stand, we are looking forward on our next mutual cooperation and we are bringing you a few photographs.

Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 1 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 2 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 3 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 4 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 5 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 6 Svět zábavy 2009 Photo 7

17. – 19.2. 2009 South-East European Gaming Expo Belegrade

Third year of South-East European Gaming Expo took place between 17. and 19. 2. 2009 in Belgrade. We`ve had an opportunity to take a look on the Balkan market of amusement and gambling machines, which is slowly expanding and that`s causing European and international companies to try expanding into this market. We are bringing you a few photographs from the main city of Serbia and Black Mountain and we are looking forward on future exhibitions on Balkan.

Gaming Expo 2009 Photo 1 Gaming Expo 2009 Photo 2 Gaming Expo 2009 Photo 3 Gaming Expo 2009 Photo 4 Gaming Expo 2009 Photo 5

27. – 29.1. 2009 ATEI London

A traditional international exhibition in London took place between 27. and 29.1.2009, the exhibition was aimed on amusement and gambling machines ATEI 2009. A first year of Intergame Expo took place near Atei. An international magazine was organizing this exhibition.

Booth exhibitions offer a lot of interesting material in booth gambling and amusement industry. A lot of companies has presented itself in England, booth big and famous, which are acting on the market for several years already and have built up a strong position, and also small companies, which are new to European market.

A newly created exhibition called Intergame Expo was very interesting. The exhibition was quite small and took place in Ibis hotel right in front of ATEI exhibition, which was held at a very busy area - Earls Court. We bring you a few photographs from London and we are looking forward on the next exhibitions in the main city of England.

ATEI 2009 Photo 1 ATEI 2009 Photo 2 ATEI 2009 Photo 3 ATEI 2009 Photo 4 ATEI 2009 Photo 5

16. – 18.10. 2008 Surexpo 2008 Warsaw

An exhibition called Surexpo 2008 took place in Warsaw between 16. and 18. 10. 2008. We have participated on this exhibition and as exhibitors, we had a great opportunity to take a look on the Polish market of amusement and gambling machines. Poland freed a huge space just for amusement machines, comparing to other exhibitions. We would like to thank all the visitors, who has visited our stand.

Surexpo 2008 Photo 1 Surexpo 2008 Photo 2 Surexpo 2008 Photo 3 Surexpo 2008 Photo 4

8. – 9.10. 2008 Slovak Show 2008 Bratislava

An exhibition called Slovak Show 2008 took place in Bratislava between 8. and 9. 10. 2008. Both Slovakian and international companies, dealing with amusement and gambling machines, has presented themselves on this exhibition. We would like to thank all existing and potential customers, who visited our stand and we are looking forward on our next mutual cooperation.

30.9–2.10.2008 BEGE EXPO Sofia

First year of Bulgarian exhibition of gambling and amusement machines, called BEGE EXPO – 2008 (Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo) took place between 30. 9. and 2. 10. 2008. This exhibition was held in the main city of Bulgaria – Sofia and companies dealing on Bulgarian market with amusement and gambling machines, has presented themselves here. Some foreign companies has presented themselves as well, companies which are already dealing on this market and companies trying to break into it. We are bringing you a few photographs from Sofia and we are looking forward on the next years of BEGE EXPO.

Bege expo 2008 Photo 1 Bege expo 2008 Photo 2 Bege expo 2008 Photo 3 Bege expo 2008 Photo 4

24.–25.9.2008 Forbes Prague

We have yet again noticed a huge interest of customers on this year`s FORBES exhibition. The customers were interested in juketouchbox Mural, which offers a comfortable control thanks to a touch screen. We have presented our assortment of amusement machines, extended by boxer, silverball, air hockey, yet the most interest of visitors has collected our new cabinet with two screens. We are proud of the interest about our products and we were glad to meet all the other exhibitors and new customers.

Forbes 2008 Photo 1 Forbes 2008 Photo 2 Forbes 2008 Photo 3 Forbes 2008 Photo 4 Forbes 2008 Photo 5 Forbes 2008 Photo 6 Forbes 2008 Photo 7

9.–10.4.2008 Svět zábavy Prague

Except of the traditional assortment of our products, we have presented upgraded version of jukebox MURAL, on the spring exhibition in Prague. The jukebox was a point of interest to many visitors. We would like to thank to all our existing and potential customers for their visit of our stand.

Svět zábavy 2008 Photo 1 Svět zábavy 2008 Photo 2 Svět zábavy 2008 Photo 3

22.–24.1.2008 ATEI London

Our company has participated as an exhibitors on international London show ATEI LONDON, for the first time. We have presented a full asortment of our products to the world, together with our jukebox MURAL, upgraded with a new software fully translated to English, which received a huge success. We would like to thank all potential customers for their visit of our stand.

17.-18.10.2007 Forbes Prague

Our company has attended on another year of Prague exhibition of gambling and other amusement machines - "FORBES". We have presented our classical product assortment, this time extended by our flag ship - JUKEBOX MURAL, to the public and our business partners at stand number 22. We would like to thank our customers and we are looking forward on our next meeting.

19.-20.10.2005 Forbes Prague

Nero Trade company has yet again presented itself on the Forbes exhibition. Visitors of our stand, could see traditional MP3 Jukeboxes, which allows playing of audio tracks, video clips and karaoke as well.

A novelty in our production were gambling machines. Six-cylinder Golden Lion with bank note acceptor and multigame Viking, based on modern technology in our original cabinet with LCD display, offering three games in one machine has addressed a huge group of interested persons.

Forbes 2005 Photo 1 Forbes 2005 Photo 2 Forbes 2005 Photo 3

26.-28.04.2005 Svět zábavy Prague

The spring 2005 at the Svět zábavy exhibition was once again in the sign of high response to innovations of our jukeboxes. Super Game Beacon has acquired a lot of new upholders.

Our company is engaged in buying and reselling used slot machines, amusement machines and even spare parts and so we have properly presented our on-line BAAZAR of gambling and amusement machines.

We would like to thank all our customers, who visited us on this exhibition.

Svět zábavy 2005 Photo 1 Svět zábavy 2005 Photo 2

20.-21.10.2004 Forbes Prague

Our company has presented new products and innovations on the most prestigious autumn event of the amusement market.

You had an opportunity to see improved software for jukeboxes, which is improving our jukebox by

  • an easy change of software layout - skins
  • video clip player and advertisement directly on jukebox or on extretnally connected display (television, video-projector, ...)
  • a possibility to switch classic jukebox into a karaoke machine

Forbes 2004 Photo 1

27.-29.4.2004 Svět zábavy Prague

During this spring exhibition, we have shown a prototype of our slot machine - Viking for the first time. The machine received a surprisingly high positive rating. Slot machine Viking is still in development, yet we can already guarantee an interesting price and a machine that will that has met the strictest criteria, which are awaited from a high quality designed slot machine.

A second, newly shown product was SUPERGAME (beacon). It`s an accessory for all types of gambling machines.

Svět zábavy 2001 Photo 1

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