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08.09.2014 - Billiard and pool accessories

Assortment of our products, machines and its accessories has expanded by billiard and pool accessories.

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Special offers

VLT cabinets SALE

Video lottery terminal cabinet

We offer a fully equipped video lottery terminal cabinets.

  • metal cabinet
  • bank note acceptor with CASH FLOW sorter
  • SR3 coin acceptor
  • two monitors - 15'' and 17'' touch

Now for even better price - 330 €.

For further information, please call 602 544 297.


08.09.2014 - Billiard and pool accessories
Accessories for billiard and pool : preview Assortment of our products, machines and its accessories has expanded by billiard and pool accessories.
01.08.2014 - Unicorn dart accessories
Preview : News Soon you can look forward on an extension of our assortment by high quality Unicorn dart accessories.
10.07.2014 – League dart machines
Preview : League dart machines We offer high quality standalone dart machines suitable for league game. For further information please, contact us.
26.05.2014 - Expansion of boxer machines
Preview : Expansion of boxers We have expanded our offer of power machines - boxers. We offer this new machine to lease or operate under very favorable conditions. Please contact us for more information.
20.03.2014 - Billiards for rent
Preview : Billiards for rent Take the opportunity to rent a billiard to your establishment !!! We offer high quality billiards with mechanical coin acceptor for rent. Rent is 1500, - CZK / month . Please contact us for more information.
17.02.2014 - Poker tables
Preview : Poker tables We have expanded our offer of poker tables so now you can choose from a wide variety of poker tables in different colors and design variations, for 8-11 players.
07.01.2014 - Covers For Lovers
Covers For Lovers videoclip Nero Trade Company Ltd. Has sponsored video-clip of a Prague based pop-punk band, called Covers For Lovers, which has been created for one of the songs from the forthcoming album, which will be released in the spring of 2014.

The video premiere was on December 24, 2013

11.11.2013 - Air hockey Home
Preview : Air hockey Home Newest product to the Czech market. High quality air hockey for a special price. Suitable for commercial use in schools, kid centers, kid clubs and so on.
2.9.2013 - Newly opened outpost in Prague
Preview : Newly opened outpost in Prague In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have increased the range of our influence to the area of the main city Prague and its surroundings.

Sales of amusement machines and MP3 jukeboxes, renting of amusement machines, operating of slot machines and video lottery terminals, amusement or gambling equipment of pubs. Those and many more services in the area of amusement and gambling industry will be offered to you in our new Nero Trade s.r.o. outpost, Prague – Kyje

16.8.2013 - Air hockey Crazy squash
Preview : Air hockey Crazy squash We offer a new type of air hockey Air hockey Crazy squash The machine offers other type of gameplay, other than on which we are used to on traditional air hockey. Gameplay copies a squash game, in which are players standing on the same side of table and play against the same wall.
21.5.2013 - Catering
Preview : Catering We have expanded the range of our services by catering ( gastronomy catering, mobile casino a amusement catering )
21.1.2013 - Rigel and Sardi football tables
Preview : Rigel and Sardi football tables We have brough high quality Italian football tables to the Czech market, from Rigel and Sardi companies. We have increased our product offer by four types of football tables .
24.8.2012 - Customer form
Preview : company logo In order to increase the quality of our services, we have prepared a short form for you. Please take some of your time to fill the form, your ideas are important for us. Thank you.
12.7.2012 - Video presentation
Preview : company logo From now on, we present our products on YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Stream and many more portals.
19.4.2012 - E-shop
Preview : company logo We have opened a new E-shop on our website. You can now shop in comfort via the internet.
26.3.2012 - Magic Dart
Preview : Magic Dart We offer an innovated version of standing dart machine Magic Dart. We already offer this league darts for a few years and it`s very popular machine. New version of this darts, enhanced by both new design and better technical parameters, offers at least 400 various games, a possibility to turn on/off an additional quatro field, playfield lightened by LED diodes, etc. More information in product section.
12.3.2012 - MIDA GAME VLT and TRIMINI
Preview : MIDA GAME VLT  and TRIMINI Since March 2012, we operate video lottery terminals MIDA GAME VLT in Stork cabinets and a triple combination TRIMINI in Rio or Perfect cabinets.
5.1.2012 - Pinballs
Preview : Pinballs Another new machine has been added to our product range. It`s an electronic Pinball Tronic 32''. We are going to add pinballs of other manufacturers and brands, to our product range as well.
26.9.2011 - Product range extension
Preview : Product range extension Our product range has been increased by more new amusement products - favorite prize redemption machine Brick Stacker, shooter Aliens Extermination and another redemption machine Naughty Lionet suited for kids.
June 2010 - New types of wall mounted jukeboxes
Preview : New wall mounted jukebox types In the past few months, we have launched a few new wall mounted jukeboxes - jukebox Blackie, jukebox Woody, jukebox Mural II.
A very successful Jukebox Mural has been upgraded, the new version includes both ideas of our customers and experience from our own operation.
22.3.2010 - Little ghost
Preview : Little ghost We are increasing our product range by new amusement machine Little Ghost ,which is dedicated mainly for kids.
19.2.2010 - Display module ZM-19W (chameleon)
Preview : Display module ZM-19W (chameleon) Jukebox Mural II deserve an external display, which will increase its attractive design and functional side. Display module ZM-19W (chameleon) will fulfill all your your needs.

The products manufactured in three different designs, ZM-19W (without back-light), ZM-19W light (with back-light) and ZM-19W chameleon (with back-light and remote control).

22.1.2010 - Speaker sets Nero 550, 850 and subwoofer Nero 400
Preview : Speaker sets Nero 550, 850 and subwoofer Nero 400 In addition to jukeboxes, you can now buy Nero 550 ( double zone ) or Nero 850 ( triplezone ) speaker sets, which has been created to provide matching sound for our products.
Fans of high bass music will appreciate subwoofer Nero 400, , which will provide suitable performance in low frequencies.

This audio machines can be created in the same color as our jukeboxes.

14.12.2009 - Short term jukebox rent
Preview : Company logo Rent a jukebox from us for your celebrations, events, karaoke party ...

We also offer short term rents of New or Classic jukeboxes for variable type of events, we will prepare a jukebox with full music content of your choice

18.11.2009 - New additions to our internet presentation
29.10.2009 - New website design
Preview : Company Logo We have innovated the design of our website. We have increased our presentation by a column with news, which will give you an overlook about the most important events and we have also upgraded the main menu, which should be more comprendious now.
3.8.2009 - Electronic system Nero 049
Preview : Electronic system Nero 049 Electronic system Nero 049 has been developed by our company. It is a first choice for those, who need to upgrade their table football by LED diode lighting, reliable coin acceptor and motorized ball pusher.
25.6.2009 - Air hockey SHARK
Preview : Air hockey SHARK Thanks to air hockey Shark ,you can now put the air hockey to severe environment (for an example wet outer areas)
5.5.2009 - Product line extensions
Preview : Company logo Our offer has been expanded by table footballs Fas and Roberto, Air Hockey and standing darts Party Darts made by Wik company. Furthermore we have expanded the boxer machine offer from Kalkomat by a new type of boxer called Wheel of Boxing and rugby simulator called Kick Off. We have also started to sell popular standing dart machine Magic Dart, which meets the league parameters.
26.3.2009 - Konjuh G0092C / G0092B
Preview : Konjuh G0092C / G0092B Our product assortment has been expanded by casino and bar chairs, a small type of favorite chair series is Konjuh G0092B
6.3.2009 - Storm Techniq / Technic II home
Preview : Storm Techniq / Technic II home We have extended our offer of table footballs by another two types - Storm Techniq II home and his commercial version Storm Techniq. Those foosballs are made in a Rosengart table design.
2.3.2009 - Preparations for Svět Zábavy 2009 expo
Preview : Preparations for Svět Zábavy 2009 expo As traditionally, our company is taking part on Prague exhibition Svět Zábavy, which is taking place in exhibition hall Holešovice on 16 - 17.4. 2009. We invite everyone to visit our stand and we are looking forward to meet you.
16.02.2009 Storm Represent / Represent Home
Preview : Storm Represent / Represent Home Our product range of high quality football tables has expanded by two new types - table football for use at home Storm Represent home and his commercial version Storm Represent.
21.01.2009 Coin changer SM02/1h
Preview : Coin Changer SM02/1h Don`t miss this opportunity and equip your casino or bar with a coin changer Coin changer SM02/1h
05.01.2009 Chair Frost
Preview : Chair Frost Our slot machine accessory assortment has been expanded by high quality chairs Frost classic and Z
13.11.2008 Cooperation with Essox company
Preview : Cooperation with Essox company Our company has made a cooperation deal with Essox company, which is an experienced renting company on the Czech market.
10.11.2008 Boxers Cube and Glove
Preview : Boxers Cube and Glove We have started to sell 2 new types of boxers, made by Kalkomat company.
6.11.2008 New karaoke
Preview : New karaoke We have managed to increase the range of our karaoke tracks, which are growing popular all the time for a wide range of people. You can also order the karaoke via telephone or order form.
14.10.2008 - Surexpo 2008 Polsko
Preview : Surexpo 2008 Poland An exhibition of amusement and gabling machines will take place at 16. – 18.10.2008, Surexpo 2008, in Warsaw - Poland. We will exhibit on this exhibition and so we are proud to invite all the visitors of this expo, to visit our stand.
4.9.2008 - Preparations for FORBES 2008
Preview : Preparations for FORBES 2008 Our company will exhibit on Prague exhibition Forbes during 24. and 25. September. Hereby we invite all current and potential customers to meet with us.
18.6.2008 - Silverball Strato
Preview : Silverball Strato We have started to resell a new type of Silverball Strato, version 12, manufactured by TAB company
21.5.2008 - Air hockey GOLD
Preview : Air hockey GOLD We have started to resell air hockey Gold manufactured by WIK company
12.5.2008 – Electronic systems for table football Garlando
Preview : Electronic systems for table football Garlando Two types of electronic control systems for commercial table footballs of various manufacture, has been added to our product list. CM-3 system is just an electronic control system for coin acceptor. TF-2 system is enhanced by automatic score system and sound effects.
16.4.2008 – Comestero company assortment
Preview : Comestero company assortment We have became distributors of Comestero accessory assortment. The main products are RM 5 coin acceptors and bank note acceptors NV9 and NV10, including accessories.
20.2.2008 - Slim Light Table
Preview : Slim Light Table A new products has been to the Products section, Slim Light Table, which is used as an accessory of casino interior and can be used as a table for ashtray and for drinks.
22.1.2008 - New software for jukebox Mural
Preview : New software for jukebox Mural We have created a new software, made specially for jukebox Mural. It has been shown in English form as well on ATEI London exhibition.
20.12.2007 - Street basketball
Preview : Street basketball We have started to resell a new sport simulator Street basketball, made by Kimex company.
17.10.2007 - Jukebox mural
Preview : Jukebox mural During the 17. and 18. October on Forbes 2007 exhibition, you will have an opportunity to see our new Jukebox Mural for the first time.
06.01.2006 - New product photographs
Preview : New product photographs In a section products, you can now check more detail photos of our products. You will open this gallery by clicking on photo of selected product.
20.12.2005 - Viking Multigame and Golden Lion
Preview : Viking Multigame and Golden Lion You can read more about slot machines Viking multigame and Golden Lion in the product section.
17.8.2005 - Online order of actualization
Preview : Online order of actualization We have created an online form for an easier order of music records actualization for jukeboxes, with a list of available albums, where you can fast select a list of titles, which will be automatically sent to us after you fill your contact details.
15.3.2005 - Skin GreenDay
Preview : Skin GreenDay Jukebox software skin assortment has been expanded by another new skin named GreenDay
3.3.2005 - Online bazaar
Preview : Online bazaar We have created a brand new online Bazaar Sign up and acquire an easy and fast access to the information about offered amusement and gambling machines. Signed users can add their advertisements as well. An illustration photography can be a part of the advertisement.
20.12.2004 - New website
Preview : New website We have upgraded our website, it has more lucid design now. We have followed the W3C standards. The website is using css, javascript and html version 4.
12.10.2004 - Jukebox software was expanded by Karaoke
Preview : Jukebox software was expanded by Karaoke Thanks to a new version of software for jukeboxes, you can change jukebox into karaoke machine and try the talent of your hosts.
27.09.2004 - New jukebox software
Preview : New jukebox software From now on, you can acquire a new software, enhance the look, control and picture abilities (playing videos on external machine - television, projector, and so on) of our jukeboxes.
25.02.2004 - Super game(Beacon)
Preview : Super game We have increased our product offer by a Super Game (Beacon) product, which works an accessory for slot machines.

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Nero Trade company is looking for a sales representatives, who would operate slot machines, video-lottery terminals, jukeboxes and other amusement machines all over the Czech Republic. We offer percentile rewards on the income of 30% max., perspective of a long-term cooperation. Experience from the field is an advantage. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us over the e-mail or on this phone number 606 622 144.

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Do you own or operate slot machines and don't follow the conditions from 1. 1. 2013 regarding the law 202/1990 collection ?

We have a solution for you !!

Our company – Nero Trade s.r.o. offers cooperation to the operators of slot machines. The conditions of our cooperation are set to be interesting especially for you. In a case of an interest or if you have any question on us, please contact us over our email or on following phone number 606 622 144.

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