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08.09.2014 - Billiard and pool accessories

Assortment of our products, machines and its accessories has expanded by billiard and pool accessories.

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Special offers

VLT cabinets SALE

Video lottery terminal cabinet

We offer a fully equipped video lottery terminal cabinets.

  • metal cabinet
  • bank note acceptor with CASH FLOW sorter
  • SR3 coin acceptor
  • two monitors - 15'' and 17'' touch

Now for even better price - 330 €.

For further information, please call 602 544 297.

Service pricelist


Rent to own

Type Price (CZK)
Jukebox - New, Classic, Blackie, Woody 3.000,- / month
Jukebox - Mural 5.000,- / month
Table footballs (el. system) 2.000,- / month
Boxers from 4.000,- / month
Air Hockey from 4.000,- / month
Mini Dart 2.000,- / month
Magic Dart 3.000,- / month
Ghost 5.000,- / month
Lion 3.000,- / month
Silverball 4.000,- / month
Brick Stacker 4.000,- / month
Lottery machines the price is calculated regarding to the machine type and quantity

You will find further information about the rents on additional service information page

Long term rent of used machines (more than 6 months)

Type Price (CZK)
Jukebox - New, Classic, Mini 1.500,- / month
Football table - Garlando Olympic 1.500,- / month
Darts - Mini, Magic 1.500,- / month
Air Hockey - Gold 1.500,- / month
Boxer - Cube, Glove, Kicker, Kick Off 1.500,- / month
Silverball - Strato, Photoplay 1.500,- / month
Pinball ( mechanic ) 1.500,- / month
Ghost 1.500,- / month
Billiard table 1.000,- / month
Billiard 1.500,- / month
Lottery machines the price is calculated regarding to the machine type and quantity

Short term rent of jukeboxes

Rent our jukebox for party, events, karaoke night...

The most favorite are jukeboxes Classic. Their rental is much cheaper, in copare with live music. The main advantage of jukebox is the fact, that you can enjoy karaoke together with high quality reproduction of music.

You can choose the music content from following :

Type Price (CZK)
Jukebox Classic (including microphone ) 1.000,- / weekend

Remote control

Further information about remote control can be found on additional service information page.

Service Price (CZK)
The connection of remote control is not paid by roofed customers 300,-
Remote control fee is not paid by roofed customers 50,- / hour
Technician fee for intervention through the remote control 200,- / hour

Jukebox roofing (fees to OSA, Integram)

The prices for jukebox roofing are individual and depends on the quantity of roofed jukeboxes. For further information please contact our marketing department.

Lottery machine roofing

The prices for lottery machine roofing are individual and depends on quantity of roofed lottery machines. For further information please contact our marketing department.

Update of jukebox music records

Service Price (CZK)
Mp3 ( 10 CDs ) 300,- / month
Video ( 5 tracks ) 100,- / month
Karaoke ( 5 tracks ) 100,- / month

Other services

Service Price (CZK)
Technician work 300,- / hour
Postage 120,- / piece
Postage (car) 10,- / km
Postage (van) 15,- / km


We always specify the final price according to the size of an order, thanks to a wide assortment of offered services and individual requests of our customers.

Please don`t hesitate to contact us for further information.

call for free
call for free 800 160 260


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Nero Trade s.r.o. company headquarters

Branch office

Vodňanská 1419/226
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We are byuing

Functional and nonfunctional mechanic pinballs. tel: (+420) 725 571 007


We are looking for external developers

We are looking for external developers with programming experience:

  • Raspberry PI – GPIO interface (  experience with micro-controller programming and circuits designing is welcome )
  • network communications, client / server applications
receive more information

We are looking for a sales representative

Nero Trade company is looking for a sales representatives, who would operate slot machines, video-lottery terminals, jukeboxes and other amusement machines all over the Czech Republic. We offer percentile rewards on the income of 30% max., perspective of a long-term cooperation. Experience from the field is an advantage. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us over the e-mail or on this phone number 606 622 144.

We are offering a cooperation

Do you own or operate slot machines and don't follow the conditions from 1. 1. 2013 regarding the law 202/1990 collection ?

We have a solution for you !!

Our company – Nero Trade s.r.o. offers cooperation to the operators of slot machines. The conditions of our cooperation are set to be interesting especially for you. In a case of an interest or if you have any question on us, please contact us over our email or on following phone number 606 622 144.

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